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Rachita Narang

Rachita narang is a psychotherapist, life coach, hypnotherapist and a creative movement therapy facilitator. Her qualifications include a graduation in applied psychology and masters in clinical psychology from university of Delhi, following which she holds a post graduate diploma in hypnotherapy from CHI-USA, along with an intensive diploma in dance movement therapy affiliated to university of Pune and CMTAI, an advanced diploma in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which is internationally acclaimed and a training in cognitive behavior therapy. She is passionate about her work and deals with each of her clients with an open and receptive outlook.

As a therapist she has dealt with several clients providing personalized therapeutic interventions and empathetic care to help them cope with their presenting complaints and life challenges. She specializes in dealing with stress, anxiety, confidence issues, post trauma stress and relationship related problems among children, adolescents and adults.

She has worked with several hospitals and Non-government organizations in Delhi including Max hospital, Pentamed hospital, Narang eye institute, Clinic for alternate medicine in west Delhi, Interfaith foundation India, Salaam Baalak, Children’s international, KIIT world school and Savera institute for children. She has also conducted intensive workshops for parents in renowned schools within Delhi focusing on life skills and promoting the importance of positive parenting.

She has had the honor of being the chief guest at the Montfort school new Delhi addressing a large gathering of parents and teachers focusing on importance of balanced parenting and gave them tips on dealing with their child’s failures.

She has also conducted several corporate workshops with start up companies to train the staff for soft skills and helping them deal with stresses and anxieties within job space.
Academically she has done a number of projects in detail focusing on importance of gratitude, positive thinking and behavior modification.

She believes that how we think and feel is central to the way we live our lives, just like our physical health our mental health too can have ups and downs… and asking for help to strengthen ones inner self is the first step to building a better version of ourself.

Think… Process… Resolve!


· Specialization in Clinical Psychology.

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

· Proficient with conduction and evaluation of various psychological assessments.

· Diagnostic knowledge of both DSM and ICD.

· Successfully completed courses in cognitive behavior therapy, neurodevelopmental disorders, cognitive processes, cognitive development during infancy, developmental social psychology, psychosocial perspectives on ageing, counseling psychology, and abnormal psychology.

· Exposed to various forms of therapy within the course curriculum and during internship.

· Worked extensively with anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances and learning disabilities.

· Proficient with SPSS and Research.


Salam Balak trust

· Worked as a movement therapy facilitator, with adolescents from the low socioeconomic status and a history of displaying active aggression in the shelter home. (3 months) 2018

Children’s international

· Worked with adolescent girls as a movement therapy facilitator and psychotherapist. The focus was on elevating emotional stability and focus building. (2 months) 2019

Interfaith Foundation of India

· Worked with the geriatric population who had a sound educational background. The work focused on enhancing self-worth and redefining happiness. (6 months) 2019

Narang Eye Institute 2017 to present date

· Counselor & psychotherapist for patients in the outpatient department.

Clinic for Alternate therapies (west delhi)

· Consultant psychotherapist and life coach 2018 to present date

Interfaith Foundation India 2016-2017

· Worked as an intern under the supervision of Dr M.M.Verma, to gain an insight into the cultural aspect of psychology, viewed the Indian perspective and developed an in-depth understanding of the cross cultural differences, rituals, routines and similarities. A deeper understanding into the human behaviour and the importance of cultural roots in the understanding of human behaviour.

KIIT, World school, Pitampura, Delhi, India 2015

· Worked as a student counsellor and a teacher of life skills management. Conducted multiple workshops with students and parents. Worked majorly with students of the high school (9th -12th standard).

Pentamed Hospital, model town, Delhi, India. 2014 (6 months)

· Worked with patients majorly in the gynaecology and the paediatric department.

· Dealt with patients of developmental disorders, including learning disabilities in the paediatric ward and post-partum depression, anxieties in the gynaecology ward.

· Had an opportunity to deal with patient in a holistic manner by viewing the medical and psychological side of the problem.

Narang Eye Institute,derawal nagar Delhi, India. 2014 (6 months)

· Worked as a patient counsellor and dealt with pre & post-operative anxieties of the patient.

· Worked with young children as well, dealing with anxieties, depression and academic problems of the child.

· Also conducted a few workshops for the employs to increase their work motivation and deal with work stresses.

Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences Department of Max Healthcare, Delhi, India 2010·

Worked as an intern under the supervision of Dr Samir Parikh, H.O.D, Psychiatry Department.

· Dealt majorly with the IPD patients in the cardiology, gynecology, neurology and pediatrics department.

· Observed therapy sessions and conducted assessments including projective and other assessments such as intelligence, learning disabilities, taking case history of the patients.

· Worked as a part of a team of counselors to conduct workshops on lifestyle and stress management.

· Attended the developmental clinic and worked intensely with developmental disorders.

Psychiatry department, Safdurjung Hospital, Delhi, India 2009

· Worked as an intern.

· Proficient in taking case histories and MSE’s independently.

· Observed patients with personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, dementia and developmental disorders.

· Prepared a detailed case study on obsessive compulsive disorders.

Savera (NGO for autistic children), Delhi, India 2008

· Worked as a counselor and special educator.

· Clinical Training to handle and effectively manage critical care conditions.

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Disclaimer: The content on this website is solely for the purpose of educating and creating awareness about the domain i.e. mental health concerns. This shall not be treated as a substitute to a professional psychologist advice.

Copyright 2020. All Right Reserved. Designed & Powered by Health Buzztech
Disclaimer: The content on this website is solely for the purpose of educating and creating awareness about the domain i.e. mental health concerns. This shall not be treated as a substitute to a professional psychologist advice.